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We all use calculators without giving much thought as to how the calculators keep spitting out numbers. To some of us, it’s just one of those tools that help us get things done faster and easier. As part of the Odin projects assignments, I was tasked to create a calculator. I thought to myself “oh just a calculator”. It turned out building something as easy as a calculator from a user's point of view differs enormously from the standpoint of a developer. You literally have to think about every step and process a user may take in using your application.

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It is quite daunting when you see a project like etch-a-sketch as a beginner programmer. It is especially confusing when writing the first line of code to get yourself familiar with the problem at hand. The magic begins to unravel when you start breaking down the problem you have to the smallest indivisible sub-parts to such an extent a 5-year-old could make sense of what you’re trying to solve.

So what did I actually learn from this project? or let me say which kinds of problems I encountered in the course of trying to create this project on my own…

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My Top take-away after learning how to build Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

I have been following the Odin project for about a week when I switched my focus to study a little bit of machine learning. Initially, my idea was to dabble my feet in as many technology stacks as much as possible so I can make an informed decision on which path to take as a self-taught developer. For about 6 months I was stuck between going full-time machine learning or going with full-stack web development. I decided to do both at the same time which in my opinion…

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Have you ever experienced a situation where you were consistently told you were wrong about a decision? This was exactly what I felt when I decided to halt enrolling in a Ph.D. program and pick up a new adventure to explore other areas of my life.

🤔This got me Thinking

I had big plans when I completed my undergraduate degree. I was later to find out that most of my daily duties at work will be repetitive tasks that do not involve creating any innovative solutions to real-world challenges. And this was not the kind of work I had dreamt of doing for the…

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